Oklahoma State Tree

Oklahoma State Tree – Eastern Redbud – Cercis canadensis

Eastern Redbud Fabaceae Cercis canadensis
Leaf: Alternate, simple, cordate in shape with an entire margin, 3 to 5 inches
long and wide. The leaves are thin and papery, and may be slightly hairy below.

Flower: Very showy, light to dark pink in color, 1/2 inch long, appearing in
clusters in March to May, before the leaves.

Fruit: Fruits are flattened, dry, brown, pea-like pods, 2 to 4 inches long
that contain flat, elliptical, brown seeds 1/4 inch long. Maturing in July to

Twig: Slender and zigzag, nearly black in color, spotted with lighter lenticels.
Winter buds are tiny, rounded and dark red to chestnut in color.

Bark: Smooth, later scaly with ridges somewhat apparent. Dark in color. May
have some maroon patches evident.

Form: A large shrub or small tree with a short, often twisted trunk and spreading

Copyright 2019 Virginia Tech Dept. of Forest Resources and Environmental
Conservation; Photos and text by: John Seiler, Edward Jensen,
Alex Niemiera, and John Peterson;Silvics reprinted from Ag
Handbook 654; range map source information