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US States Dates and Order of Statehood

Statehood simply means the status of being one of the states of the US. Delaware was the very first state admitted to the Union in 1787. The United States most recent state admitted to the Union was Hawaii in 1959. A state in the United States is defined as a geographical boundary that holds legislative, executive, and judicial authority below the federal government. There are currently 50 states bound together in the Union. As of 2020, there has been significant interest in granting District of Columbia (DC) statehood as well as Puerto Rico, the oldest colony. States admitted to the statehood are listed below. You can sort in order of admission dates or alphabetical by state.

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State Name
Statehood Date/Order
Pre-Statehood Notes
Alabama Dec. 14, 1819  22nd Territory by Act of March 3, 1817, effective Aug. 15, 1817.
Alaska Jan. 3, 1959 49th A district from Oct. 18, 1867, until it became an organized territory Aug. 24, 1912.
Arizona Feb. 14, 1912 48th This region was sometimes called Arizona before 1863, although it was still in the Territory of New Mexico.
Arkansas June 15, 1836 25th The territory was larger than the state. After statehood the leftover area to the west had post offices that continued for some years to use an Arkansas abbreviation in the postmarks, although they were really in the "Indian Country."
California Sept. 9, 1850 31st Ceded by Mexico by the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, concluded Feb. 2, 1848, and proclaimed July 4, 1848. From then until statehood, California had a military government until Dec. 20, 1849, and then a local civil government. It never had a territorial form of government.
Colorado Aug. 1, 1876 38th .
Connecticut Jan. 9, 1788 5th The fifth of the original 13 colonies.
Delaware Dec. 7, 1787 1st The first of the original 13 colonies.
Florida March 3, 1845 27th .
Georgia Jan. 2, 1788 4th The fourth of the original 13 colonies
Hawaii Aug. 21, 1959 50th The territorial date Aug. 12, 1898 is that of the formal transfer to the United States, with Sanford B. Dole as first Governor.
Idaho July 3, 1890 43rd .
Illinois Dec. 3, 1818 21st .
Indiana Dec. 11, 1816 19th There was a residue of Indiana Territory that continued to exist under that name until Dec. 3, 1818, when it was attached to Michigan Territory.
Iowa Dec. 28, 1846 29th .
Kansas Jan. 29, 1861 34th .
Kentucky June 1, 1792 15th Never a territory, it was part of Virginia until statehood.
Louisiana April 30, 1812 18th With certain boundary changes, had been the Territory of Orleans.
Maine March 15, 1820 23rd What is now the state of Maine was, before statehood, called the District of Maine and belonged to Massachusetts.
Maryland April 28, 1788 7th The seventh of the original 13 colonies.
Massachusetts Feb. 6, 1788 6th The sixth of the original 13 colonies
Michigan Jan. 26, 1837 26th .
Minnesota May 11, 1858 32nd .
Mississippi Dec. 10, 1817 20th Territory by Act of April 7, 1798, effective May 7, 1798.
Missouri Aug. 10, 1821 24th The state was much smaller than the territory. The area to the west and northwest of the state, which had been in the territory, was commonly known as the "Missouri Country" until May 30, 1854, and certain of the post offices in this area show a Missouri abbreviation in the postmark.
Montana Nov. 8, 1889 41st .
Nebraska March 1, 1867 37th .
Nevada Oct. 31, 1864 36th .
New Hampshire June 21, 1788 9th The ninth of the original 13 colonies
New Jersey Dec. 18, 1787 3rd The third of the original 13 colonies.
New Mexico Jan. 6, 1912 47th .
New York July 26, 1788 11th The 11th of the original 13 colonies.
North Carolina Nov. 21, 1789 12th The 12th of the original 13 colonies.
North Dakota Nov. 2, 1889 39th or 40th Was part of Dakota Territory before statehood. Admitted on same day as South Dakota
Ohio March 1, 1803 17th Was part of the Northwest Territory until statehood.
Oklahoma Nov. 16, 1907 46th The state was formed from Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory.
Oregon Feb. 14, 1859 33rd .
Pennsylvania Dec. 12, 1787 2nd The second of the original 13 colonies.
Rhode Island May 29, 1790 13th The 13th of the original 13 colonies.
South Carolina May 23, 1788 8th The eighth of the original 13 colonies.
South Dakota Nov. 2, 1889 39th or 40th Was part of Dakota Territory before statehood. Admitted on same day as North Dakota
Tennessee June 1, 1796 16th Was Southwest Territory before statehood.
Texas Dec. 29, 1845 28th Was an independent republic before statehood.
Utah Jan. 4, 1896 45th .
Vermont March 4, 1791 14th Until statehood, had been a region claimed by both New York and New Hampshire
Virginia June 25, 1788 10th The 10th of the original 13 colonies.
Washington Nov. 11, 1889 42nd .
West Virginia June 20, 1863 35th Was part of Virginia until statehood.
Wisconsin May 29, 1848 30th The state is smaller than the territory and the leftover area continued to be called the Territory of Wisconsin until March 3, 1849.
Wyoming July 10, 1890 44th .

Source: Scott Stamp Monthly (April 1998)