Online Education

The depiction of a traditional physical classroom where a teacher is lecturing over a textbook in an enormous hall has become obsolete.

Advancements in technology along with the ease of accessibility to information through various types of computers and smart devices, it is easier than ever to attain a world class online education from the comfort of your own home or office.

As online education becomes more mainstream, employers are accepting online programs as equal to the formal education methods of yesterday. Most online schools are being accredited, which means they have reached a required level of quality. Learning online is increasingly popular and a valid way to attain the education and the degrees needed to acquire employment.

Why Online Education?

Our online education partners have some serious advantages over the traditional classroom experience of the past. First, online learning provides more flexibility. If you have other life commitments with family or work, taking classes online can fit into your busy schedule. You can log in when you have time rather than attempt to attend a class at a very specific date and time. While the workload is comparable, you’ll be able to complete tasks when you are able. And there is no commute!

Technology is providing more and more ways to learn and for teachers and students alike to work collaboratively. While you won’t necessarily have regular face-to-face time with your teacher or fellow students, you will interact with many on a regular basis through email, posting, video, chats and other messaging technologies. While some of the tasks for the class will be independent study, there is a big social piece to online learning in the form of question and answer, group projects, and more.

An additional advantage to online learning is that you may be able to complete courses quicker. Colleges and universities offer shorter semesters which could mean you earn course credits in half the time. This quick class schedule makes for greater availability for the classes themselves. You don’t have to wait for a fall or spring semester to begin as classes run usually month-to-month.

Online Degrees and Education Partners

Online education and online degrees are certainly a great way to set you up for success in the workplace. There is a growing number of colleges and universities offering classes, programs, and degrees online. Whether you are looking for a degree in a particular program such English Literature, Accounting, or Liberal Arts, or you are looking to take some specialty classes of interest or to help your career- we have the right education partners and great online learning resources to connect you.